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Jonathan welcomes Doni, the creative force behind ⁠The Aperios World Project⁠, to talk about Afrofuturist manga and its depiction in the modern media landscape.

Afrofuturist Manga by Doni. Cover of Apeiros #1Doni: Design & Storyteller | Building Afrofuturistic Worlds

Passionate about video games, novels, art, music, and all things 90s era, Doni is a multifaceted creator weaving impactful stories and projects across Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Afrofuturism. His design-driven approach brings diverse perspectives to life through his original IP “The Apeiros World Project”.



Funded a successful Kickstarter for the “Apeiros World Odyssey” manga in 2023.
Debut manga and more releasing in 2024!



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Opening song is “We Got the Poison” by Electric Candles
Podcast production by Dan Vadeboncoeur

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