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Jonathan welcomes former student Brady Tiel onto the podcast to discuss the process behind creating his debut novel, Mended.

Headshot of Brady Tiel in a white hoodieBrady Tiel is a local author from small town Oakbank, Manitoba. After three years of studying for a writing degree at the University of Winnipeg he opted to pursue full-time writing and self-published his debut novel; a science-fiction story titled Mended. Since then he has been working on a multitude of other stories. 

Although Brady writes about all-kinds of wild adventures, most of his ideas are firmly cemented in deeper meanings and what it means for humans to live a real, true, and fulfilling life. 

A fan of all things science-fiction, Tiel enjoys seeking out lesser-known, quirky stories. Greatly inspired by the late Michael Crichton, Mended and many of Tiel’s on-going projects tackle the concepts of what might happen if human power, ego, and biology is taken one step too far. 

Tiel does, however, regularly geek out about all things Star Wars.

Find him on Instagram: @Brady_tiel

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