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Jonathan welcomes Irene Bindi from ARP Books to the podcast. They discuss what it means to be a leftist publisher and talk about what kinds of works ARP Books publishes.

Irene Bindi HeadshotIrene Bindi is an artist, editor, and organizer based on Treaty 1 territory, in Winnipeg.

Arbeiter Ring Publishing was founded as a workers’ collective in 1996 and began publishing a few left-of-centre and Marxist-leaning books each year. It is now Arbeiter Ring Publishing Ltd. (operating as ARP Books) and has grown into a respected book publisher offering a bold combination of eclectic and engaging writing.

Their mandate is to publish a dynamic combination of non-fiction, literary fiction, essay, poetry, and other writing that cannot be constrained by genre categories while encouraging innovative new writing.

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Opening song is “We Got the Poison” by Electric Candles
Podcast production by Dan Vadeboncoeur


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