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Jonathan welcomes illustrator/comic artist Fell Hound to discuss her new one-shot comic Commander Rao, and to talk about the challenges of funding comics through Kickstarter.

Fell Hound is an illustrator and writer from Toronto. She began her work in various fan zines and anthologies before launching her debut comic zine ‘Do You Believe in an Afterlife?’ in 2019. Her subsequent comic, the sci-fi action epic Commander Rao, was self published to critical acclaim. It has since been picked up by Scout comics.

She can also throw playing cards like a ninja.

Commander Rao:

Commander Rao is a scifi action oneshot about a rogue commander on a warpath against a tyrannical baron.

Set in a sci-fi future after a decade of warfare against the despot Baron Klaus, a rogue embittered soldier decides to storm the Baron’s manor and kill him herself. A year later, stories are sung of her heroism, but the mystery of her motives remain. Thus begins the tale of COMMANDER RAO, a thrilling fast-paced action comic of how violence begets violence, and how all the heroics of warfare are meaningless in the eyes of what has been lost.

Check out Commander Rao, now on sale from Scout Comics

Also find Fell Hound here:

Twitter: @FellHound_
Instagram: @Fell.Hound

Opening song is “We Got the Poison” by Electric Candles
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