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Before I published my first book, EX MACHINA, I wrote 7 books and 8 feature-length screenplays that were never published or produced. This week, I walk through all of these failed projects one by one in order to show how much work a writer often has to go through before having what the world sees as the first success and explain some of the things I learned and what kept me going.

Writing the Wrong Way with Jonathan Ball, PhD is the perfect podcast for serious writers who want to stand out in a crowded industry by becoming more productive while taking more artistic risks.

Jonathan Ball, an author with a PhD in literature, interviews writers, screenwriters, musicians, filmmakers, and other artist entrepreneurs, going deep on various topics related to writing, editing, screenwriting for film and television, comics and graphic novels, games and multimedia writing, humour, horror, and any other topic you can imagine.

Episodes range from interviews and panel discussions to solo shows where Jonathan breaks down complex concepts into practical approaches through close analysis or answers a variety of questions.

Resources discussed in this episode:

Music by Patrick Short (aka Electric Candles), who is better known as Kindest Cuts
Photography by Michael Sanders of Electric Monk Media
Art Design by author S.M. Beiko

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