My friend G.M.B. Chomichuk makes it his goal to collect one rejection every week.

That’s right — he’s seeking the rejection (if he “fails” and has his work accepted, then he just gets back to the hard work of being rejected).

It’s easy to forget that having your work accepted and published isn’t your job. Your job is writing, and sending the writing out. Once you press “send” your job is done.

The publisher’s job is to accept or reject your work. Stop trying to do someone else’s job, and don’t stress out about a job that isn’t yours.

Focus on your job. Don’t get caught up in other things. Remember: the amateur is the one who gets caught up in other things. The job is writing, not other things.

Maybe to survive you must spend some time trying to make money, but that’s not your job. Survival is your side hustle. Your job is to keep writing.

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