Midnight City: Danger in the Details

Cover for Midnight City: Danger in the DetailsClick here to access a downloadable and printable PDF!

This book is designed to be an idea machine and notebook. There is space on every page for your ideas because those are the important parts of the story. As you use this book it will fill up with ideas, drawings, and details that are your own. When this book cannot hold any more of your notes, it may be time to go off and make a story all your own.

This book is designed to be used with the danger in the details story game or the classroom story system, but can be a resource for any creative writing program, roleplaying game, or theatre group.

It is the intent that all story game players have a book of their own, but one book can be shared by many if you find it fun to do so.

For game players, the circles above the page numbers are for noting which other pages brought you here, and the circles off the side of the page numbers are to note where you went next.

If you are an educator you can copy any part of this book for use with your classroom. You can distribute it digitally or remotely as part of classroom activities.

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GMB Chomichuk is an award-winning writer and illustrator whose work has appeared in film, television, theatre, books, comics, and graphic novels. His work in words and pictures ranges from the heartwarming to the bloodcurdling. He is the host of Super Pulp Science, a podcast about how genre gets made. Other recent books by GMB Chomichuk include Apocrypha: The Legend of Babymetal, The Automatic Age, The Eye Collector, and Dragon Nanny.