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Jonathan welcomes Uniter columnist Elena Sturk-Lussier to talk about their recent piece on the isolation of self-employment and freelance work.

Read more of Sturk-Lussier’s columns:

Elena Sturk LussierAfter earning a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh, Elena Sturk-Lussier returned to her hometown of Winnipeg to pursue a career in screenwriting and directing. Her short films Frenchie (Cinémental Prize for best Canadian short film) and Stay premiered at the Gimli International Film Festival. Elena co-wrote the children’s series in development Aanya et nos histoires retrouvées with the support of TFO and the CMF. She also wrote for the children’s series La Brigade which airs on CBC Gem and TFO. Recently, she received funding from the CMF-IPF to produce her short-form series Les faillites d’Astrid with CBC. Elena is currently writing and directing four episodes of the nature documentary series La faune connectée on TFO, travelling the country as she does so.


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